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6-9 AM This Morning America's First News With Gordon Deal

9 AM-!2N The Glenn Beck Show


12N-3 PM The Laura Ingraham Show

3-6 PM The Dave Ramsey Show

6-9 PM The Hugh Hewitt Show

9 PM- 12M The Dennis Prager Show

12M-3 AM The Lars Larson Show

3-6 AM Brian Kilmeade and Friends



6-7 AM You-The Owner's Manual

7-8 AM Victory Chiropractic And Wellness

8-9 AM Saving Thousands with Robert Palmer

9-10 AM The Housing Hour

10-11 AM Safe Money With Rick Hahn

11 AM-12N Saving Thousands with Robert Palmer

12N-1 PM Victory Chiropractic And Wellness

1-2 PM Safe Money with Rick Hahn




2-4 PM The Clark Howard Show

4-6 PM Laura Ingraham Weekend

6-7 PM Safe Money With Rick Hahn

7-10 PM The Glenn Beck Show

10-11 PM Horsepower For An Hour

11 PM-12M WEEKEND JOURNAL (Hugh Hewitt)


12M-3 AM The Hugh Hewitt Weekend Show

3-6 AM The Dennis Prager Weekend Show

6-6:30 AM In Touch (Charles Stanley)

6:30-7 AM Renewing Your Mind (RC Sproul)

7-7:15 AM Key Life (Steve Brown)

7:15-8 AM Money Wise (Howard Dayton)

8-8:30 AM Family Life Today (Dennis Rainey)

8:30-9 AM Radio Bible Hour

9-9:30 AM Insight For Living WEEKEND (Chuck Swindoll)

9:30-10 AM Grace To You WEEKEND (John MacArthur)

10-10:30 AM The Point-Knoxville (Matt Peeples)

10:30 AM-11A InfoTrak

11-11:30 AM Let My People Think (Ravi Zacharias)

11:30 AM-12N Words To Live By RBC Ministries

12N-3 PM At Home with Gary Sullivan

3-6 PM The Tech Guy with Leo Laporte

6-9 PM The Lars Larson Show

9-11 PM The Dani Johnson Show

11 PM-12M Saving Thousands

Early Monday

12M-3 AM Laura Ingraham Weekend

3-4 AM You-The Owner's Manual

4-5 AM The Housing Hour

5-6 AM Staying Young


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