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What the Bible Teaches us About Tragedy

What Can We Learn When Trials Beyond Our Control Hit Hard

The walk of a believer is often fraught with trials and tribulations leading to both defeat and victory. Life’s tragedies, your personal 9/11’s come into our lives seemingly in waves as we face obstacles, which both challenge our confidence and test our faith. Time stood still as the towers fell on that fateful day on September 11, 2001 and lives all over the world were changed forever and the world as we knew it would never be the same. It is only by the power of an almighty God that we are to persevere.

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Charity Does 'Heart' Work in Twisters' Aftermath

A team from CBN's Operation Blessing has already reached the Oklahoma area affected by Monday's massive tornado.

One volunteer described the destruction as a scene from the end of time.

One Operation Blessing convoy traveled Monday from Texas to Oklahoma City, and teams have already been briefed on the disaster there.

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Just what info did Harry Reid have?

BY: Alex Pappas

WASHINGTON — During the 2012 presidential campaign, Harry Reid claimed to have intimate knowledge of what was secretly inside Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s tax returns.

As President Obama’s campaign slammed Romney nearly every day for not releasing more tax returns, the Senate majority leader repeatedly made the unsubstantiated claim that, at one point in his life, Romney hadn’t paid taxes for almost a decade.

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Black clergy call for abortion investigations

Hoye added that while black Americans make up 14 percent of the American population, 30 percent of all abortions are performed on black women. He noted that the abortion industry has been more efficient in killing black Americans than the Ku Klux Klan ever was.

“We’re calling upon America to open your hearts again, open your eyes again, clean out your ears again,” the niece of Martin Luther King Jr. Alveda King said.

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