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Reports - The Heritage Foundation
  1. NATO Summit 2014: U.S. Should Support Macedonia
    The U.S. should continue to back Macedonia’s goal of joining the NATO alliance.
  2. Beating the Middle-Income Trap in Southeast Asia
    As developing countries hit their early growth spurt and wages rise, manufacturers often find themselves unable to compete in export markets with lower-cost producers elsewhere.
  3. Obama’s Trip to Estonia: The Right Visit at the Right Time
    The President’s trip to Estonia sends the right message, but how the U.S. and NATO follow through on their promises will be watched closely.
  4. Local Governments Can Increase Job Growth and Choices by Passing Right-to-Work Laws
    RTW laws expand personal freedom while boosting investment and job creation, but unions oppose them because they cost the unions money and members.
  5. America Is Ill-Served by Its Government-Funded Area Studies and Foreign Policy Programs
    While the Obama Administration bears its share of the responsibility for mishandling events and for the policies that led to these crises, looming behind the Administration’s record of failure is an influential progressive academic consensus that has been tragically wrong on many key global questions.
  6. A Judicial Cure for the Disease of Overcriminalization
    The solution is for federal judges to approach their vital interpretive functions with keen sensitivity to the many adverse effects that overcriminalization and the courts’ current, self-defeating interpretive strategies create for federal criminal law.
  7. NATO Summit 2014: Time to Make Up for Lost Ground in the Arctic
    The U.S. should get the Arctic firmly on NATO’s agenda and ensure that the alliance agrees on a common policy toward the region’s security.
  8. Co-opting the Criminal Justice System to Prevent Competition or Serve Noncompetitive Interests
    The public should be particularly wary when the government makes it a crime to engage in competitive conduct, because governments may (mis)use the criminal law to penalize disfavored parties.
  9. NATO Summit 2014: Stay Committed to Afghanistan
    NATO should learn lessons from history and not disengage from Afghanistan at such an important time.
  10. The Fed’s Failure as a Lender of Last Resort: What to Do About It
    Throughout history, the Fed’s LLR policies have jeopardized its operational independence and put taxpayers at risk.



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