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  1. The Ebola Outbreak of 2013–2014: An Assessment of U.S. Actions
    This report presents the findings and recommendations of a task force formed to examine the global response and the response of the U.S. government to the 2013–2014 Ebola outbreak.
  2. The Research on Same-Sex Parenting: “No Differences” No More
  3. 67 Islamist Terrorist Plots Since 9/11: Spike in Plots Inspired by Terrorist Groups, Unrest in Middle East
    With the spring 2015 spike in Islamist terror plots bringing the total to 67 since 9/11, the U.S. must do all it can to protect Americans.
  4. The Constitutional Problems Raised by Domestic Convictions for Foreign Crimes
  5. Respond Cautiously to North Korean Engagement Offers
    Diplomatic engagement with North Korea must be done in conjunction with sanctions because of its violations of U.S. law and U.N. resolutions.
  6. Civil Asset Forfeiture: Good Intentions Gone Awry and the Need for Reform
  7. Revisiting Efforts to Counter Violent Extremism: Leadership Needed
    Congress should make DHS responsible for federal CVE efforts.
  8. Physician-Assisted Suicide Corrupts the Practice of Medicine
    Physician-assisted suicide corrupts the profession of medicine by permitting the tools of healing to be used as a technique for killing.
  9. Alexander Hamilton and American Progressivism
  10. Progress Is Coming on Defense Acquisition Reform



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