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Reports - The Heritage Foundation
  1. Heritage Foundation’s “Blueprint for Congressional Fiscal Action” Greets Lawmakers Returning from Recess
  2. Heritage Foundation Statement on Unauthorized Data Breach
  3. Blueprint for Congressional Fiscal Action in the Remainder of 2015
    Congress should cap and cut spending, move toward budget balance, and take steps toward tax reform that will enable free markets to grow the economy.
  4. Clearwater Philanthropist Pledges $2.7 Million Gift to The Heritage Foundation
  5. Right-to-Work Laws Don’t Lower Private-Sector Pay
    Contrary to union claims, right-to-work laws do not lower private-sector wages.
  6. The Pressing Need for Mens Rea Reform
    Any criminal justice reform legislation should address and improve the problems with current law pertaining to mens rea standards.
  7. DeMint Gives Keynote Address at Jackson Hole Summit
  8. A "Dubious Expediency": How Race-Preferential Admissions Policies on Campus Hurt Minority Students
    Race-preferential admissions policies as practiced today are hurting, not helping, when it comes to jump-starting the careers of preference recipients.
  9. 2015 Global Agenda for Economic Freedom
  10. The U.S. Must Uphold the Arms Trade Treaty’s Limits at the First Conference of States Parties






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