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Reports - The Heritage Foundation
  1. National Security Priorities for the Next Secretary of Defense
    The Secretary of Defense will be irrelevant as long as the President’s policies and management style remain unchanged.
  2. Russia and the South Caucasus: A Situation the U.S. Cannot Ignore
    The South Caucasus seems far away, but the U.S. ignores the region at its own peril.
  3. Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: The U.S. Needs a Strategy
    Russia invaded Ukraine and has a strategy, while the U.S. is hoping the problem will disappear.
  4. Beyond Hypothetical: How FCC Internet Regulation Would Hurt Consumers
    These cases—identified as examples of neutrality violations by regulation supporters themselves—show that efforts to further regulate the open Internet would hurt the very consumers these advocates claim to protect.
  5. U.S. Election Should Energize Asia Policies
    The U.S. needs to devote sufficient military resources, resolve, and trade prioritization to back up its rhetoric on the Asia pivot.
  6. Nuclear Negotiations with Iran: U.S. Must Avoid a Rush to Failure
    The Administration should refuse a deal that would legitimize Iran’s nuclear infrastructure and allow Tehran to gain nuclear weapons.
  7. Medicare’s SGR: Fixing It the Right Way, Not in a Lame Duck Session
    Congress needs to eliminate the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula that governs Medicare physician payment.
  8. The IMF’s Analysis of the U.S. Economy: Faulty Assumptions and Bad Policy Advice
    This latest IMF report is decidedly hostile to free enterprise. It promotes a heavy-handed, top-down approach to financial regulations, explicit taxpayer backing of financial sectors, and other expansions of the welfare state and big government—from recommending an increase in the U.S. minimum wage and adoption of “more proactive labor market policies” to a broad endorsement of Obamacare, a call for carbon taxes, and a recommended increase in the maximum taxable earnings for Social Security purposes. Heritage Foundation policy experts explain the dangers of the IMF approach, and make recommendations for the U.S. to take a different course.
  9. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline: Lessons for the Keystone XL Pipeline Debate
    Nevertheless, the empirical evidence from the Trans-Alaska Pipeline demonstrates that pipelines can be built and operated in ways that protect the environment and economically benefit the nation.
  10. The EPA and the Corps’s CWA Interpretive Rule: A Regulatory End Run
    The EPA and the Corps have classified a binding rule as an interpretive rule in an attempted end run around the regulatory process.



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