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Reports - The Heritage Foundation
  1. Top 11 Areas for Congressional Action on the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty in 2015
    Congress should continue its opposition to the ATT and ensure that the U.S. is not pulled into compliance with it as the activists desire.
  2. Congress Should Continue to Oppose Arms Trade Treaty As It Enters Into Force
    Congress should oppose the ATT’s ratification and ensure that it is not implemented before it passes through the entire U.S. treaty process.
  3. Eight Myths About FCC Regulation of the Internet
    Proposed FCC regulation of the Internet, widely called “net neutrality” regulation, is as misunderstood as it is dangerous to the digital revolution and the U.S. economy. Rather than a long-standing set of rules that have protected innovators, net neutrality is a recently articulated idea that threatens innovation.
  4. Russian Military Activity in the Arctic: A Cause for Concern
    The U.S. and its allies need to closely monitor Russian military activity in the Arctic.
  5. Philanthropist To Donate ‘Eight-Figure’ Gift To The Heritage Foundation And Heritage Action For America For New “E.W. Richardson American Leadership Building” on Capitol Hill
    Retired Austin, Texas, radiologist Patrice K. Richardson, M.D., and several members of her family will honor her late father, E.W. “Rich” Richardson, with an eight-figure gift to The Heritage Foundation
  6. Creating Opportunity in the Workplace
    The Great Recession and technological changes have created serious economic challenges for many workers. To help workers, Congress should pursue policies that increase their skills, while eliminating barriers that prevent them from using their existing skills more productively.
  7. Addressing Russia’s Continued Pernicious Actions Abroad
    The U.S. needs a comprehensive, long-term strategy for dealing with Russia.
  8. Four Conservative Tax Plans with Equivalent Economic Results
    The four leading conservative tax reform plans are the Hall–Rabushka flat tax, the new flat tax, a national sales tax, and a business transfer tax. Each is a consumption tax with an equivalent tax base. Except for secondary design choices and the choice of which taxes to replace, each would apply the same tax rate to raise a given amount of tax revenue.
  9. The Option for U.S.–China Cooperation in Antarctica
    Antarctica is one area where U.S.-China Cooperation is possible.
  10. Right-to-Work Laws: Myth vs. Fact
    Most of the arguments against right-to-work laws have little basis in fact.



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