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  1. Job Creation: Policies to Boost Employment and Economic Growth
    The JOBS Act would free up the labor market, reduce harmful regulations, and unleash federal lands for productive use.
  2. Fannie and Freddie 2.0: The Senate Does Not Get the Government Out of the Market
    The approach being taken in the Senate would ensure that U.S. mortgage markets are slightly remodeled rather than completely reformed.
  3. Paycheck Fairness Act Would Reduce Pay and Flexibility in the Workplace
    The PFA would burden employers with frivolous litigation and restrict employees’ incomes, opportunities, and options.
  4. The Second Amendment and the Inalienable Right to Self-Defense
    Lawmakers may outlaw certain types of weapons, but they may not disarm the citizenry.
  5. The DREAM Act in the NDAA: Wrong for National and Homeland Security
    Allowing unlawful immigrants to join the military in exchange for citizenship would not advance U.S. national security.
  6. The Proposed Transfer of the IANA Function to ICANN
    As stewards of the network, the US government has an obligation to make sure that the transition to a new governance structure goes well.
  7. President Obama’s 2015 Budget: How Government Expansion Will Limit Opportunity, Slow Economic Growth, and Erode Financial and National Security
    The document outlines the President’s agenda for a government that allegedly will bring “opportunity, growth, and security” through higher federal spending, cuts in the armed forces, more than $1 trillion in tax hikes, and broad government overreach into the affairs of individuals, businesses, and localities.
  8. U.S. Export–Import Bank: Corporate Welfare on the Backs of Taxpayers
    Ex-Im is little more than a conduit for corporate welfare beset by unreliable risk management, inefficiency, and cronyism.
  9. An Analysis of Selected Budget Process Reforms
    Responding to the breakdown of congressional budgeting over the past several years, analysts and lawmakers have offered a variety of proposals to correct specific flaws in the process and revive this most fundamental act of governing.
  10. Protecting Religious Liberty in the State Marriage Debate
    A growing number of incidents demonstrates that the redefinition of marriage and state policies on sexual orientation have created a climate of intolerance and intimidation for citizens who believe that marriage is the union of a man and a woman and that sexual relations are properly reserved for marriage.



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