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  1. Combating Human Trafficking in Asia Requires U.S. Leadership
  2. Time to Renew and Enhance the African Growth and Opportunity Act
    The U.S. should quickly renew African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) to advance economic freedom and prosperity in the U.S. and Africa.
  3. Federalism and Freedom: Orestes Brownson’s Case for the Federal Constitution
  4. Six Issues the U.S. Should Not Concede to Cuba During Normalization Talks
    The Obama Administration naively believes that granting the Castro regime every item on its wish list will lead to improved relations.
  5. Export-Import Bank Impervious to Reform
    Overwhelming evidence to the contrary, some in Congress claim that legislative tweaks will solve the problem with the Export-Import Bank.
  6. Heritage Foundation Releases First Annual “Index of U.S. Military Strength”
  7. Who Is Working Less?
    Labor force participation decreased more among low-income households than among high-income households, according to analysis of CPS data.
  8. The U.S. Needs to Secure Maritime Ports by Securing Network Ports
    The U.S. needs to strengthen cybersecurity in maritime ports and related computer networks to protect the U.S. economy and national security.
  9. Eight Groups Harmed by the ACA’s Flawed Policies
    King v. Burwell is in the spotlight, but the Affordable Care Act itself is the root of the act’s problems and harmful effects.
  10. King v. Burwell: Assessing the Claimed Effects of a Decision for the Plaintiffs
    The ultimate source of dislocation is the Affordable Care Act itself.



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