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Reports - The Heritage Foundation
  1. Freedom from the EU: Why Britain and the U.S. Should Pursue a U.S.–U.K. Free Trade Area
    If Britain does decide to leave the EU, one of its central priorities should be to negotiate a modern free trade area (FTA), based on sovereignty and freedom, with the United States.
  2. Obama Should Push Modi on Trade Facilitation
    President Obama should press Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to abandon India’s obstructionist position.
  3. Congress Should Stop Implementation of the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty
    Congress should ensure that the U.S. does not implement the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty.
  4. A Primer on “Motor Voter”: Corrupted Voter Rolls and the Justice Department’s Selective Failure to Enforce Federal Mandates
    Only recently have private parties brought litigation to make up for DOJ’s failure.
  5. Priorities for Prime Minister Modi’s Visit: U.S. and India Must Cooperate for Asian Stability
    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United States next week provides an opportunity to strengthen U.S.–India ties.
  6. A Framework for an Authorization for Use of Military Force Against ISIS
    ISIS poses a “direct and significant threat to us” and must be defeated using all necessary means. The American people support military action against ISIS, and the Administration accordingly must develop a comprehensive, overarching strategy to confront and ultimately defeat this enemy. Working with our partners and allies and the countries in the region that are most affected by ISIS, the United States must do what it traditionally has done: lead.
  7. The Economic and Fiscal Effects of Eliminating the Federal Death Tax
    Eliminating the federal death tax would create economic opportunities for American families and free up financial assets for private-sector investment and income growth.
  8. A U.S. Agenda for the 69th Session of the U.N. General Assembly
    UNGA authority is strongest when exercised on budgetary matters and issuing instructions to subsidiary bodies and the Secretariat.
  9. Wage Garnishment Without a Court Order: Not a Good Idea
    A new EPA rule established procedures for the EPA to collect delinquent nontax debt by wage garnishment.
  10. Overview of the U.S. Supreme Court’s October 2014 Term
    In its 2014–2015 term, the Court will hear significant cases involving free speech, voting rights, criminal law, religious freedom, and prisoners’ rights, in addition to possibly taking on yet another challenge to Obamacare and the issue of same-sex marriage.



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