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  1. Pakistan’s Economic Disarray and How to Fix It
  2. Understanding Tyranny and Terror: From the French Revolution to Modern Islamism
    Democracy is bound to defeat tyranny because it is simply a better idea.
  3. FY 2016 House Interior and Environment Appropriations Bill: Right on Regulations, Wrong on Spending
    H.R. 2822 prevents economically harmful regulations from taking effect, but does not do nearly enough to reduce government spending.
  4. Terrorist Plot No. 71: Rise in Terrorism Calls for Increased Vigilance
  5. Congress Should Only Make Changes to Repatriation Policy When Establishing a Territorial System
  6. Liberalizing Marijuana Use and Improving Driving Safety: Two Contemporary Public Policies on a Collision Course
    An increase in the number of marijuana users is likely to lead to an increase in the number of marijuana-impaired or marijuana-and-alcohol-impaired drivers.
  7. Islamist Terror Plot No. 70: Congress Needs to Take Terror Threat Much More Seriously
    The spike in ISIS-linked terrorism in the U.S. should impress upon Congress the need to counter the terror threat with all lawful tools.
  8. Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act: No Place for Expanded Preschool and Childcare Subsidies
    Reauthorizing the ESEA will mostly benefit middle-income and upper-income families, while disadvantaging private preschools and day cares.
  9. A Decade After Kelo: Time for Congress to Protect American Property Owners
  10. Senate Defense Appropriations: The Battle over Budget Priorities Continues
    Congress needs to provide new resources for defense while preserving the overall spending caps.






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