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Reports - The Heritage Foundation
  1. Reforming DHS: Missed Opportunity Calls for Congress to Intervene
    It is in all Americans’ interest that the Department of Homeland Security work as it was advertised, and it is past time for reform.
  2. Unions Charge Higher Dues and Pay Their Officers Larger Salaries in Non–Right-to-Work States
    Unions charge higher dues and pay their officers larger salaries in non–right-to-work states.
  3. Congress Should Refocus DHS on Crucial Cybersecurity Reforms
    Congress should take action to make DHS and the U.S. more cybersecure.
  4. Repointing the Constitution
  5. Needed: A Congressional Mandate for Economic Freedom
    Congress should mandate clear negotiating objectives that direct U.S. negotiators to focus on removing barriers to international commerce.
  6. Replacing Medicare’s SGR: Four Bipartisan Options to Finance a Permanent Fix
    Replacing the Medicare SGR is a bipartisan priority, but the change should be fully funded and not add to the nation’s deficits.
  7. Terrorist Plot 63: Attempt to Bomb the U.S. Capitol Shows the U.S. Cannot Ignore the Threat of Terrorism
    To win the war against terrorism and foil future terror plots, the U.S. must continue to improve its counterterrorism strategies and tools.
  8. Top Five Policy Priorities for Europe in 2015
    Restoring trust in American leadership at a time of mounting challenges in Europe should be a top priority for the White House in 2015.
  9. David Cameron’s Visit to Washington: An Important Opportunity to Renew Anglo–American Leadership
    When the U.S. and British leaders meet, they must be prepared to demonstrate Anglo–American leadership in the face of mounting threats.
  10. Why Taiwan Needs Submarines
    It is in the U.S. interest that Taiwan improve its defense with modern submarines.



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