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Reports - The Heritage Foundation
  1. IMF Wants U.S. Taxpayers to Shoulder More Risk
    The IMF is promoting a heavy-handed, top-down approach to financial regulations and explicit taxpayer backing of financial sectors.
  2. Heritage Mourns Loss of John Blundell
  3. Boehner v. Obama: Can the House of Representatives Force the President to Comply with the Law?
    While the merits of any lawsuit against President Obama for abusive unilateral actions may seem clear, the issue of congressional standing is anything but that.
  4. Heritage Foundation Releases First Annual “Index of Culture and Opportunity”
  5. U.N. Repeating Past Mistakes in New Sustainable Development Goals
    The SDGs as a whole focus on too many tangential metrics or measure the symptoms of poverty rather than the causes.
  6. Energy Exports Promote Prosperity and Bolster National Security
    Freely trading energy will not only increase prosperity around the world, but also bolster U.S. national security by diversifying supplies in the global market.
  7. After the Malaysian Airlines Atrocity: 10 Ways the U.S. Should Respond to Russia’s Role in Ukraine
    The U.S. should send a clear message to the Kremlin that its actions in Ukraine are unacceptable.
  8. Which Way for the Highway Trust Fund?
  9. A Strategy for American Renewal
    With the United States facing long-term challenges in economic and foreign affairs that are certain to prove difficult to solve, it is finally time to reject the worldview that led to the nation’s current condition.
  10. Sugar Shakedown: How Politicians Conspire with the Sugar Lobby to Defraud America’s Families
    The sugar program persists for the simple reason that the benefits are concentrated in just a few hands, while the losses—although far greater— are so diffuse that the public is largely unaware of them.



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