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Reports - The Heritage Foundation
  1. A Fresh Start for Health Care Reform
    Four Heritage Foundation health policy experts detail the five main promises that President Obama broke, and present a fresh way for sustainable and patient-centered, market-based health care reform.
  2. Ebola: Dallas and New York City Experiences Drive Governments to Change Practices
    Government needs to get ahead and stay ahead of Ebola and communicate more effectively to the American people about the decisions it makes on their behalf.
  3. Time to Reform FTC Advertising Regulation
    The FTC should reform its advertising substantiation policy and allow businesses greater flexibility to tailor their advertising practices, which would further the interests of both consumers and businesses.
  4. The U.S. Should Not Rejoin the United Nations Industrial Development Organization
    The U.S. was correct to withdraw from UNIDO and should not reverse that decision.
  5. U.S. Counternarcotics Efforts in Afghanistan Fail to Deliver
    The SIGAR report is a wake-up call for the U.S. to reconsider its strategy for fighting the drug scourge in Afghanistan.
  6. America’s Electricity Grid: Outdated or Underrated?
    However, the increasing demands placed on the power system to meet policy mandates and its potential vulnerability to physical threats and cyber attacks require policy changes.
  7. Cyber Attacks on U.S. Companies in 2014
    Recent data breaches at big-name companies raises questions about the effectiveness of the private sector’s information security.
  8. Continuing Federal Cyber Breaches Warn Against Cybersecurity Regulation
    The government’s own cybersecurity track record raises questions about the effectiveness of government cyber regulations.
  9. Federal Reserve Performance: What Is the Fed’s Track Record on Inflation?
    While the Fed does appear to have achieved some type of price stability in the post–World War II era, it is not entirely clear that this achievement has been beneficial.
  10. Federal Reserve Performance: Have Business Cycles Really Been Tamed?
    A close look at the evidence suggests that the conventional view should be re-evaluated. There is, in fact, evidence that the Fed has not been as effective as once thought in accomplishing its stabilization goals, and even some evidence that the Fed era has had more economic instability than before the Fed’s creation.



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