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Reports - The Heritage Foundation
  1. First Amendment Defense Act Protects Freedom and Pluralism after Marriage Redefinition
  2. Vermont Lawsuit a Test Case for GMO-Labeling Laws and the First Amendment
  3. Time to Cut Out the SSA as Middleman in SSDI Representation
    As middleman for direct payments to Social Security Disability Insurance representatives, the Social Security Administration hurts beneficiaries.
  4. Costly Mistakes: How Bad Policies Raise the Cost of Living
    Federal, state, and local policy mistakes unnecessarily increase the cost of living for the average American household by $4,440 per year.
  5. Majority Expect and Want Congress to Not Increase Spending
  6. Two-Thirds Say Lawmakers Should Follow Through on Promises
  7. Heritage Foundation Study: Misguided Government Policies Cost Typical U.S. Family Thousands Each Year
  8. Instead of Raiding the Assets Forfeiture Fund, Congress Should Simply Discontinue It
    Because of the widespread misuse of funds, Congress should discontinue the Assets Foreiture Fund.
  9. Continued Federal Cyber Breaches in 2015
    Recent hacks show that the government’s approach to cybersecurity is imperfect and presents a risk to national security.
  10. Cyber Attacks on U.S. Companies Since November 2014
    Concerns over cybersecurity continue to grow as both the number of attacks on companies’ networks and cost to companies is increasing.

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