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  1. Summit on Workers’ Empowerment
  2. The Iran Nuclear Deal: What the Next President Should Do
    In the Iran nuclear negotiations, the Obama Administration is negotiating a bad deal that would not really constrain Iran’s nuclear program.
  3. Disentangling the Data on Planned Parenthood Affiliates’ Abortion Services and Receipt of Taxpayer Funding
    Congress should end taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood and redirect the funds to centers that provide more comprehensive health care.
  4. Taxation of Debt and Equity: Setting the Record Straight
    The tax code favors debt financing over equity financing because it handicaps equity with a second layer of taxation.
  5. An Alternative Way to Treat Interest Properly in Tax Reform
    The proper tax treatment of interest is critical to tax code reform. Neutrality keeps the tax code from interfering in the economy.
  6. The Federal Government Should Stop Limiting the Sale of Certain Fruits and Vegetables
    Supply restrictions limit how much of their goods agricultural producers may sell. Such orders divorce producers from the free market.
  7. Dodd–Frank’s Title XI Does Not End Federal Reserve Bailouts
    The Federal Reserve’s lender-of-last-resort policies jeopardize its operational independence and put taxpayers at risk.
  8. The Baltic States: The United States Must Be Prepared to Fulfill Its NATO Treaty Obligations
    Defending the Baltic states and deterring Russian aggression will be far easier and cheaper than liberating them would be.
  9. Ten Reasons to Rethink U.S. Support for British Membership of the European Union
    The U.S. should refocus its European policies toward restoring democratic sovereignty and the free market in Europe.
  10. Allies Should Include Japan in Korean Unification Plans
    South Korea should include Japan in planning and preparations for Korean reunification.






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