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  1. Medicare Advantage Under the ACA: Replace Payment Cuts with Market-Based Reforms
    The Affordable Care Act cuts Medicare Advantage payments, which Congress should correct by moving Medicare Advantage to a solely market-based system.
  2. Declines in National Reporting Reveal Failure of U.N.’s Programme of Action on Small Arms
    At the MGE2, the U.S. should seek to prevent the PoA from doing additional damage.
  3. Heritage Foundation Honors John Von Kannon with Luce Award
  4. House Legislative Branch Appropriations Bill Freezes Pay for Members of Congress but Avoids Further Spending Cuts
  5. ICD-10: A Costly and Complex Health Care Coding System Needs Reform
  6. Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act and Metadata Collection: Responsible Options for the Way Forward
    Allowing the capacity to mine third-party telephone metadata to expire is unwise and dangerous, especially during a time of armed conflict.
  7. Seven Objectives for Effective and Productive Energy Legislation in 2015
    Congress should recognize that free energy markets work, and enact reforms that make the U.S. energy economy freer and more competitive.
  8. Heritage Mourns Loss of Jack Templeton
  9. You Don’t Need the FCC: How the FTC Can Successfully Police Broadband-Related Internet Abuses
  10. Poverty and Welfare in the American Founding
    The real difference between the Founders’ welfare policies and today’s is over how government should lift the poor out of poverty and prevent permanent dependence.



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